Dentistry for Kids in Richland and Kennewick, WA

Pediatric Dentistry


A visit to the dentist’s office can be a scary time for kids. At Three Rivers Dental, however, we keep our patients’ health and happiness in mind with every procedure we perform. We make sure that your child’s visit to the dentist is as pleasant as possible.


Dentistry for kids in Kennewick, WA, doesn’t have to be scary or unpleasant. The moment your child walks into our clinic, we make them as comfortable as possible with wireless internet, music, pillows, and other accessories. Our goal is to make your child excited about receiving dental care, and to stress the importance of oral health. To do this, we take time to answer any questions, and explain every treatment or procedure to both you and your children.


We love kids, and we love our community – this is why we make sure we give only the gentlest, most effective dental care to the children in our area. Three Rivers Dental genuinely cares about our patients, no matter what age; as such, we work hard to make our clinic relaxed and family-friendly, all while providing professional service. We hope that the children we treat today will bring their own children to Three Rivers Dental years from now.


Furthermore, we specialize in one-visit dentistry for the entire family. For instance, you and your child can get your teeth cleaned together, all in one go. Plus, we also give our patients up-to-date and transparent fees. In this way, we hope to reduce the financial anxiety people feel when getting dental care.


As one of the leading providers of dental solutions in the Tri-City area, Three Rivers Dental also provides pediatric dentistry for kids in Kennewick and Richland, WA. Our in-house team of dental experts has been serving the community, across all ages, with high quality dental procedures for over 30 years.


Three Rivers Dental comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, and we only use the latest dental techniques in all our procedures. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure that your child gets the most pleasant and most efficient dental procedure we can provide.