Laser Therapy

Dental Laser Therapy is a painless procedure that modern dentists have started using in their clinics in recent years. The Laser technology is known as low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy. This type of laser is much different than the well know dental surgical lasers that many dentists are already using regularly. The low level laser (LLLT) is used only for therapeutic procedures in dentistry. This type of laser does not produce any heat so the patient is comfortable and feels nothing.

Pain reduction – before and after dental treatments

  • Abscess pain reduction and faster maturing of the abscess
  • Pre-treatment anesthetic for children
  • Crown Preparation – Less irritation to pulpa and less pain
  • Dentine Hypersensitivity – May achieve immediate results with no additional treatments
  • Endodontics – Treats existing peripheral edema until patient is pain free
  • Post operative – Less bleeding and edema, less post-op pain, accelerates healing
  • Hematoma – Prevention of inflammation and Pain
  • Orthodontics – Accelerates movement of teeth and decreases pain post-activation
  • Pediatric Restorative procedures – Short term superficial anesthesia, faster healing of pulpa
  • Post Restorative – Decrease Pain and less inflammation and Swelling
  • Scaling (deep) – Faster Healing, Less Bleeding, Less Pain during scaling and post-scaling