How to Respond to a Lost Crown or Filling

How to Respond to a Lost Crown or Filling

For those who need them, dental crowns or fillings are important replacements in the mouth that fill in for bad teeth. It’s not common, but crowns or fillings can come out for a number of reasons, even if they’ve been installed perfectly.

At Three Rivers Dental, we’re here to help if this happens to you. Here are the steps you should take, including what to do while you wait to see our dentist.

Keep If Possible

First of all, if it’s at all possible for you to keep the crown or filling that came out of your mouth, do so. Remove it from your mouth immediately so you don’t accidentally swallow it – though if this happens, you’ll pass it naturally and there’s no need to worry. After you remove it, keep it if possible and bring it to our dental offices so our dentist can assess it.

Call Us Immediately

From here, call our offices immediately and set an appointment with our dentist.

Temporary Filling Material

While you’re waiting to see a dentist, the primary concern is protecting the tooth and the root. If the lost crown is intact, you can sometimes slip it back over the tooth temporarily, using dental cement purchased from a drug store to hold it in place. If this won’t work, try using dental wax over the tooth for a temporary barrier – this can also usually be found at drug stores.

Stay Clean

Take extra oral caution if you have an exposed interior. Gently brush the area to remove food debris, and rinse the mouth with warm salt water after eating.

Pain Relief

A crown or filling falling out can expose nerves, which can cause pain during eating or drinking. If this is serious, consider applying clove oil to the tooth – it helps alleviate pain. Over-the-counter pain medication can also be used.

Food Avoidance

Try to chew food on the other side of your mouth while you wait for the crown or filling to be replaced. In addition, avoid foods that might lead to further decay or pain, such as sweets, hard foods, extreme temperatures, and any acidic foods or beverages.

For more on what to do after you discover a lost crown or filling, or to learn about any of our dental services, speak to the staff at Three Rivers Dental today.