Clarifying Common Root Canal Myths

Clarifying Common Root Canal Myths

When it comes to possible dental procedures, root canals have built up a bit of a negative reputation over the years – and unfortunately, this reputation isn’t really founded. You’ve probably heard several details that might make you hesitant to get a root canal procedure done, but are you sure what you’ve heard is true?

At Three Rivers Dental, we’re here to help set the record straight. Here are a few common areas where we commonly see root canals mislabeled, plus the true facts to know moving forward.

Pain Levels

For starters, there’s a widespread belief that root canal treatment is extremely painful and will cause major discomfort. This is simple a myth, brought on by a number of potential causes – expectations of pain, actual pain that’s due to the dead or decaying tooth (not the root canal), or associations with earlier treatment methods that did have pain associated with them.

With today’s technology, though, root canals are not painful. Basic anesthetics and sedation dentistry practices allow for you to be fully numb during the procedure – root canals today have a similar pain level as receiving a common filling, with virtually no pain whatsoever.

Don’t Just Pull the Tooth

Another common misconception is that instead of a root canal, it’s always better to simply pull the tooth. The opposite is actually the reality here – it’s best to keep your natural tooth for as long as possible, with removal viewed as a last resort of sorts that can lead to other dental issues.

Root Canals Don’t Cause Illness

Another big myth surrounding root canals is that they lead to various illnesses or diseases, including arthritis, kidney disease, or heart disease. But this myth comes from a study that was done almost 100 years ago, well before modern medical understanding had come along. Root canals are completely safe, and actually help eliminate bacteria that come from infected roots of the teeth – this improves oral and overall health.

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